Building Capacity for the Agriculture
Sector’s Response to AIDS:

A Training Manual for Agriculture Sector Workers

Table of Contents

Introduction and Methodological Guide to the Manual 
Module 1: AIDS and Agriculture - Conceptual Overview 
Module 2: HIV and AIDS – Some Basic Facts 
Module 3: Linking HIV to Agriculture, Rural Livelihoods and Food Security 
Module 4: The Role of Nutrition in the AIDS Response 
Module 5: AIDS and the Fisheries Sub-Sector 
Module 6: AIDS and the Livestock Sub-Sector 
Module 7: AIDS and the Forestry Sub-Sector 
Module 8: AIDS and the Commercial Agriculture Sub-Sector 
Module 9: Developing AIDS Policies in the Agriculture Sector 
Module 10: Leadership and Resource Mobilization 
Module 11: Programme Monitoring and Evaluation