The State of the World’s Forests 2014

State of the
World's Forests 2014

Enhancing the socioeconomic benefits from forests

Rome, 2014

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Acronyms and Abbreviations
Executive Summary

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Key findings
Key messages

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1. Introduction

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2. The measurement of socioeconomic benefits

    Key message
    The definition of socioeconomic benefits
    Current measures of the socioeconomic benefits from forests
    A proposed definition of the socioeconomic benefits from forests

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3. The multiple benefits provided by forests

    Key findings
    Income from forestry and forest-related activities
    The numbers of people benefiting from income generation
    Consumption benefits
    The importance of forest benefits for specific groups

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4. Policy measures to enhance forest-related benefits

    Key messages
    Securing and sustaining forests’ benefits
    Encouraging the provision of goods and services contributing to poverty reduction and the development of rural communities
    Improving access to forest resources and markets to support livelihoods and income diversification
    Creating enabling environments to encourage investment and related involvement of local and indigenous communities
    Encouraging voluntary instruments as a means of developing and promoting forest products from sustainably managed forests and improving market transparency
    Promoting efficient production and processing of forest products, and related waste reduction and recycling
    Promoting fair and equitable sharing of benefits from the utilization of traditional forest-related knowledge and practices
    Recognizing the range of values derived from forest-related goods and services and reflecting them in the marketplace

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5. Strengthening the links between policies and benefits

    Key findings and messages
    Summary of the main socioeconomic benefits from forests
    Summary of the main policy developments since 2007
    Opportunities to enhance the socioeconomic benefits from forests

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Annex 1. Data sources used to assess the socioeconomic benefits from forests
Annex 2. Contribution of the formal forest sector to employment and GDP, 2011
Annex 3. Indicators of the socioeconomic benefits from forests, 2011
Annex 4. Data sources used to obtain information on countries’ policy measures to enhance forest-related benefits

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