International Year of the Potato 2008 - New light on a hidden treasure

International Year of the Potato 2008


New light
on a hidden



An end-of-year review


Rome, 2009


Foreword - Acknowledgements - (139 Kb)

The International Year - (1,200 Kb)

[Section 1:  710 Kb] 

[Section 2: 360 Kb]

[Section 3: 165 Kb]

The potato - (4,607 Kb)

[Section 1:  758 Kb] 

[Section 2: 868 Kb]

[Section 3: 1,609 Kb]

[Section 4:  1,586 Kb]

Potato world - (9,610 Kb)

[Section 1:  2,925 Kb] 

[Section 2: 1,230 Kb]

[Section 3: 1,375 Kb]

[Section 4:  2,560 Kb]

[Section 5:  2,127 Kb]

[Section 6:  1,821 Kb]

[Section 7:  623 Kb]

IYP around the globe - (1,220 Kb)

[Section 1: 849 Kb] 

[Section 2: 447 Kb]

Focus on a global food - (1,351 Kb)

[Section 1: 1,030 Kb] 

[Section 2: 343 Kb]

Perspectives - (831 Kb)

[Section 1: 711 Kb] 

[Section 2: 181 Kb]

Beyond 2008 - (1,216 Kb)

[Section 1:  894 Kb] 

[Section 2: 302 Kb]

IYP Secretariat, FAO Task Force and Informal International Steering Committee - (90 Kb)

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