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Map of Asia and the Pacific is used courtesy of The General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin. The pictures on the covers were taken by K. Aotarayakul (cover) and by A. Kimoto (back cover). Tables were prepared by the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, on the basis of information available as of August 2009. Please note that growth rates take into consideration data that are not printed. Inquiries about the technical contents and comments about the profiles should be addressed to:

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This is the twenty-fifth issue of the above publication, a comprehensive and detailed compilation of statistics on farming, livestock, fishery, forestry and nutrition in Asia-Pacific countries for the decade 1998-2008. Statistics are listed separately for developing countries (including transition economies) and developed countries in the region. The publication uses mostly FAO statistics based on information provided by member countries. Included is a table reporting on the status of organic farming in the region and a section on country profiles. The publication provides a handy comparison of changes over the past decade in the use of agricultural land and farm inputs, production of farm and horticulture crops, livestock, fisheries, forestry and agricultural trade in countries of the Asia-Pacific region, where over 53 percent of the total population were engaged in farming and related activities.