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The study on tendencies and perspectives of the Belize forest sector to 2020 is the product of joint efforts by different institutions and individuals who have collaborated in its preparation. FAO thanks them for the valuable support provided. Particular appreciation is expressed to Jorge Rodriguez for his arduous research work in collecting secondary data and for the personal interviews, he carried out.

Special recognition is also given to Mr Oswaldo Sabido, former Chief Forest Officer and FAO national focal point, who offered technical and logistical support during the preparation of the report, and to Mr Osmany Salas, current Director of the national Forest Department, who facilitated consultations and final work for the report.

Special thanks also to Olman Serrano, Sandra Rivero and Jhony Zapata of the Forest Products Service of FAO, Rome, for their contributions and who, in close collaboration with Carlos Carneiro, Principal Forest Officer of the FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, led the outlook study process for the forest sector in Latin America. Valuable comments and suggestions on the studies were given at different stages of the preparation of the reports by the forest officers of the FAO Forestry Department: Manuel Paveri, C.T.S. Nair, Jean Louis Blanchez, Qiang Ma, Eduardo Mansur, Merilio Morell, Adrian Whiteman and Froylan Castaneda. Acknowledgements also to Andrea Perlis, Ellen Prior, Tina Etherington, Carla Tomalino, Rosa Cardilli, Marisalee Pelermo, Roberta Mitchell and Marco Perri for their valuable support in the editing, graphic design and printing of these publications.

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