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This report was prepared in the FAO’s Forestry Department by Daniela Thraen, based on the drafts prepared by Miguel A. Trossero, and the contributions of Rudi Drigo, Jim Bourke and Luiz Horta Nogueira. The editorial work was carried out by Tina Etherington, Robert Flood, Marco Perri and Marķa Guardia.

Special thanks are also given to all colleagues who provided contributions and comments which helped improve many of the previous drafts of the report. In particular Kit Prins, Felice Padovani and John Denman (IEA) must be mentioned.

The substantial contribution by the twenty five experts from leading international, regional, and national organizations in Latin-America, Europe, Asia and Africa, who participated in the Expert Consultation on the Unified Wood Energy Terminology – UWET, held in Rome, 3 - 4 October 2001, is gratefully acknowledged.

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