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FAO wishes to thank both networks, ANAFE and SEANAFE, for carrying out the surveys and analyzing the results, while a special word of thanks is due to the writers of this document: August Temu, Per Rudebjer and James Kiyiapi, as well as to all the persons who played key roles in the collection of data.

In Africa, the following persons collected country data for the survey:

FAO also wishes to acknowledge the following persons who collected and analyzed country data for the Southeast Asian survey:

The support of all national institutions shown in Annex 1 is acknowledged and thanks are due to the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) for taking interest and permitting two of its employees to use staff time to develop this synthesis document.

Pieter van Lierop, FAO Forestry Officer (Education), was responsible for the overall coordination of the two initial surveys and this final publication.

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