Thirty-third Session
The Director-General's
Programme of Work and Budget 2006-07

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Table of Contents

Director General's Introduction

Context for a Streamlined Programme of Work and Budget

Application of Results Based Management and Complementarity among Documents

Risk Assessment

Overview of Resource Scenarios

Strategic Considerations

Millennium Development Goals

Follow up to the Independent Evaluation of Decentralization

Regional Dimensions

Adherence to FAO's Strategic Framework

Enhancing Inter-disciplinarity


Communicating FAO's Messages

Human Resources Action Plan

Extra-budgetary Resources

Efficiencies and Productivity Improvements

Financial Framework

Proposal for an FAO Security Expenditure Facility and Related Draft Conference Resolution

Capital Budgeting

Overview of Cost Increases

Financial Analysis of the General and Related Funds and Related Draft Conference Resolution Miscellaneous Income

Funding of the Budget

Draft Resolution for Adoption by the Conference - Budgetary Appropriations 2006-07

Overview of Proposals

Approach to Priority Setting

Definition and Import of Resource Scenarios

Overview of Total Resource Availability

Summary Tables

Annex I: Programme Narratives

Chapter 1: General Policy and Direction

Major Programme 1.1: Governing Bodies

Major Programme 1.2: Policy, Direction and Planning

Major Programme 1.3: External Coordination and Liaison

Chapter 2: Technical and Economic Programmes

Major Programme 2.1: Agricultural Production and Support Systems

Major Programme 2.2: Food and Agriculture Policy and Development

Major Programme 2.3: Fisheries

Major Programme 2.4: Forestry

Major Programme 2.5: Contributions to Sustainable Development and Special Programme Thrusts

Chapter 3: Cooperation and Partnerships

Major Programme 3.1: Policy Assistance

Major Programme 3.2: Support to Investment

Major Programme 3.3: Field Operations

Major Programme 3.4: FAO Representatives

Major Programme 3.5: Cooperation with External Partners

Major Programme 3.9: Programme Management

Chapter 4: Technical Cooperation Programme

Chapter 5: Support Services

Major Programme 5.1: Information and Publications Support

Major Programme 5.2: Administration

Chapter 6: Common Services

Chapter 7: Contingencies

Chapter 8: Capital Expenditure

Chapter 9: Security Expenditure

Chapter 10: Transfer to Tax Equalization Fund

Annex II: Regional Dimensions



Asia and Pacific


Latin America / Caribbean

Near East

Annex III: Detailed Programme Budget Tables

Detailed Programme Budget Tables