NFMA Working Paper No. 45

“Promoting and Strengthening Multi-purpose National Forest Inventory System in the Asia Pacific Region in Connection with Climate Change”

Proceedings from Regional Workshop: (FAO Project GCP/GLO/194/MUL)

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome 2010


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Cover Page, Contents (Download - 527 KB)

1. Executive Summary (Download - 61 KB)

2. Introduction (Download - 19 KB)

3. Synopsis of Workshop Sessions (Download - 111 KB)
3.1. Opening Session
3.2. Session 1 : Climate Change and REDD
3.3. Session 2-1 : National Forest Inventory Program in connection with climate change
3.4. Session 2-2 : National Forest Inventory program in connection with climate change
3.5. Session 3-1: Idealism or Reality? – A Status of NFI policy to mitigate climate change in partner countries
3.6. Session 3-2: Idealism or Reality? – A Status of NFI policy to mitigate climate change in partner countries
3.7. Session 4 : Working group sessions
3.8. Session 5 : Next steps for the NFI in the Asia Pacific
3.9. Session 6 : Field trip - Visit to the Sample Plot of Korean NFI

4. Conclusions and Recommendations (Download - 12 KB)

5. Appendices (Download - 12 KB)

5.1 Workshop Agenda (Download - 21 KB)

5.2 Participants list (Download - 26 KB)

5.3 Terms of Reference for Moderators and Rapporteurs of Plenary Sessions (Download - 19 KB)
Direct emissions from primary manufacturing
Direct emissions from final product manufacturing
Direct emissions from management of mill wastes
Emissions associated with purchased electricity

5.4 Terms of Reference for Working Group Sessions (Download - 29 KB)
Emissions associated with wood production
Upstream emissions associated with non-wood inputs and fossil fuels
Emissions associated with transporting raw materials and fuels

5.5 Presentation Materials of Opening Session (Download - 34 KB)
5.5.1 Opening Address by FAO
5.5.2 Welcome address by the Hosting Government
5.5.3 Congratulatory speech by IUFRO

5.6 Presentation Materials of Session 1
5.6.1 Climate Change and REDD+ (Download - 368 KB)
5.6.2 Climate Change Policy of Korean Government (Download - 750 KB)
5.6.3 UN-REDD Program (Download - 484 KB)
5.6.4 Climate Change Policy of Korea Forest Service (Download - 1 MB)

5.7 Presentation Materials of Session 2
5.7.1 Why is NFI important to mitigate climate change? (Download - 950 KB)
5.7.2 Evolution of FAO NFMA (Download - 570 KB)
5.7.3 FAO - Finnish program & support in the Asia countries (Download - 258 KB)
5.7.4 FAO - Finnish program. Sampling design for NAFORMA, Tanzania (Download - 1.5 MB)
5.7.5 FAO - Methodology and Cost Analysis of FAO NFMA (Download - 1.5 MB)
5.7.6 Long history - USA NFI program (Download - 560 KB)
5.7.7 Strengthening MAR : FAO - Japan program (Download - 570 KB)
5.7.8 New emerging sector : Korea NFI program (Download - 800 KB)
5.7.9 IPCC Good Practice Guideline for LULUCF & Carbon estimations in Korea NFI program (Download - 980 KB)
5.7.10 Introduction to ITTO REDDES program (Download - 619 KB)

5.8 Presentation Materials of Session 3 (Download - 1.1 MB)
5.8.1 Current situation of Deforestation in the Asia Pacific region
5.8.2 Review of NFI in Asia and Pacific region in context of UNFCCC

5.9 Country Presentation Materials of Session 3
5.9.1 Country Presentation Template (Download - 272 KB)
5.9.2 NFI experiences in Philippines (Download - 290 KB)
5.9.3 Availability of financial resources for NFI in Malaysia (Download - 360 KB)
5.9.4 Importance of NFI in the policy-making system of Myanmar (Download - 568 KB)
5.9.5 Reporting systems in Nepal (Download - 500 KB)
5.9.6 NFI and Forest management in Thailand (Download - 356 KB)
5.9.7 Government organization for NFI in Pakistan (Download - 622 KB)
5.9.8 Quality control of NFI in China (Download - 734 KB)
5.9.9 Extent of technical expertise in Mongolia (Download - 831 KB)
5.9.10 Relationship between National development & NFI in Laos (Download - 325 KB)
5.9.11 Strategy for NFI in Vietnam (Download - 239 KB)
5.9.12 Integration of NFI and MRV in PNG (Download - 332 KB)
5.9.13 Necessity of NFI in Solomon Islands (Download - 591 KB)
5.9.14 Carbon estimations in India (Download - 1.2 MB)

5.10 Presentation Materials of Session 4 (Download - 659 KB)
5.10.1 A long-term strategy for NFI activities in the Asia Pacific region
5.10.2 East Asia Climate Partnership Program of Korean Government
5.10.3 Guide for the Working group discussion

5.11 Presentation Materials of Session 5 (Download - 110 KB)
5.11.1 Main Findings from the Working Group Sessions
5.11.2 Lists of Participants to the Working Groups

5.12 Field Trip Information (Download - 103 KB)
Field Trip Information



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