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Certain sources of information are used throughout this compilation. The nominal catch figures are taken from:

FAO, 1977 1976 Yearbook of fishery statistics: Catches and Landings. 42:323 p.

In the absence of other information, potential catches of lakes are calculated from:

Henderson, H.F. and R.L. Welcomme, 1974 The relationship of yield to morpho-edaphic index and numbers of fishermen in African inland fisheries

and those of rivers from:

Welcomme, R.L., 1976 Some general and theoretical considerations on the fish yield of African rivers. J.Fish.Biol., 8:351–64

Areas and other characteristics of both lakes and rivers were taken from:

Welcomme, R.L., 1972 The inland waters of Africa. CIFA Tech.Pap., (1):117 p.

Information on aquaculture was obtained from:

FAO/UNDP, 1975 Aquaculture planning in Africa. ADCP/REP/75/1:114 p.

Efforts have been made to keep specific references to a minimum and the information given tends to be more a digest of all available published information, supplemented by personal communications from Directors of Fisheries and fishery workers within the countries.

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