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Chapter 5 - A small gasifier power plant in Sri Lanka

5.1 Description of the plant
5.2 Operational procedures
5.3 Operational experience
5.4 Economic evaluation of electricity generation costs at Giriulla mill
5.5 Concluding remarks

The gasifier power plant described in this chapter was built by "Biomass Energy Consultants and Engineers" of The Netherlands. Within the context of the "International Producer Gas Conference", the plant was installed at Peradeniya University, Sri Lanka, for use as a demonstration unit during the course on producer gas technology.

By the end of November 1982, it was transferred to the Giriulla Mills for generating electricity based on coconut shells and providing power to part of a coconut desiccating mill.

Operational data are restricted to the period during which several biomass fuels were tested at Peradeniya University and to the first operational months at Giriulla Mills.

Since the beginning of January 1983, the unit has been operating 20 hours daily, 6 days a week, except for holidays. Total operational time of the unit (including test runs in the Netherlands, test runs at Peradeniya University and operation at the Giriulla Mills) is approximately 1200 hours.

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