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The State of Food and Agriculture is FAO's annual report on recent developments affecting world agriculture. Included this year are facts and figures on the global agricultural situation; an analysis of the economic environment surrounding agriculture; an appraisal of the sector's future prospects; and a report on regional trends and policy developments as well as selected country performances.

The developing country review examines Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Egypt and the Syrian Arab Republic. The developed country review reports on changes in policies in the OECD countries, particularly the EEC, the United States and Japan; and on Eastern and Central Europe, focusing on the Russian Federation, Bulgaria and Romania. Specific issues reviewed are food access and nutrition; the decline in agricultural commodity prices and exporters' earnings; forestry in transitional economies; high sea fishing and coastal fisheries; and biotechnology in agriculture.

The special chapter, Water policies and agriculture, examines the problems behind agricultural development and water availability and use, assessing policy options for surface and groundwater management.

For the first time, Country Table data are presented on diskette, comprising a comprehensive series of macroeconomic and agricultural indicators for about 140 countries as well as country groups and regions. Data are embedded in TS-VIEW software, offering easy display and analysis.

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