Retail markets planning guide

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J.D. Tracey-White


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FAO 1995




Chapter 1. Retail markets

What are retail markets?
Justification for market developments
Benefits of market development

Chapter 2. Planning context

A brief history of settlement growth
Markets in rural areas
Retail markets in urban areas

Chapter 3. Surveys and projections

Market surveys

Chapter 4. The market master plan

Preparation of a market master plan
General Principles Of Market Layouts
Market Layouts: Case Studies
Comparative features of market layouts

Chapter 5. The design of market buildings and infrastructure

General design principles
The design of buildings and stalls
Conservation of market buildings
Market infrastructure

Chapter 6. Mobile facilities and equipment

Facilities at periodic and street markets
Other market equipment

Chapter 7. Management and regulation of markets

Market management systems
Market rules and regulations
Market maintenance

Chapter 8. Formulating a simple market project

Defining the purpose of a project
The formulation of a project


Annex A. Market survey questionnaire
Annex B. Roadside survey methodology
Annex C .Model market regulations

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