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Review of the Guidelines on the Inclusion of Nutrition Provisions on Nutritional Quality in Food Standards[12]

101. The Secretariat introduced the document, recalling that the Committee on General Principles and CCEXEC had recommended to redraft it as General Guidelines directed to governments instead of instructions to Codex Committees.

102. Although it was suggested that advice directed to Codex committees might still be needed, the Committee noted the clear request of the CCGP and CCEXEC and recognized that many definitions and objectives of the Guidelines were already covered by the General Principles for the Addition of Essential Nutrients to Foods. It was also pointed out that advice on nutrition policy was outside the mandate of the Committee and that the context had changed since the adoption of the current guidelines. In view of these considerations, the Committee came to the conclusion that the document was not needed and that work in this area should be discontinued, and agreed to refer this proposal to the Executive Committee.

[12] CX/NFSDU 96/12, CX/NFSDU 96/12-Add 1 (comments from Cuba, France, Malaysia, Spain), CRD 11 (Australia, France, Thailand, ILSI)

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