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Wood energy : All primary lignocellulosic energy sources that are used for energy generation and that have (thus) not already undergone any energy conversion process (except for photosynthesis).


Wood energy is sub-divided into three major categories which differ with respect to inherent quality, namely woodfuels and wood-derived fuels.


- Woodfuels : Fuels that have a woody physical structure. Examples are branches, woodchips, pallets, etc.

Within this category of woodfuels we distinguish between direct forest-woodfuels and indirect forest woodfuels:

- Direct forest woodfuels : Woodfuels that are removed from the forest with conversion into energy as the most important driving factor.

These direct forest woodfuels(which coincide with fuelwood definition of FAO and UNECE) are (according to UNECE methodology) subdivided into wood from inventoried sources and wood from non-inventoried sources. The inventoried sources only include wood that is included in the official forest resource assessment. Non-inventoried includes all other wood, such as tops and branches and trees outside the forest [UNECE, 1996].

- Indirect forest woodfuels : Woodfuel which are removed from the forest and do not have energy as the main driver.
We distinguish between industrial residues and recovered (or recycled) woody products.


Wood-derived fuels : Fuels which got their calorific value from wood, but which were converted in some other kind of fuel which does not have a woody physical structure.


In the databases that were used in this study, the only wood derived fuel that was included was black liquor. This is defined according to the IEA definition [IEA, 1995].


Black liquor                                     The alkaline spent liquor from the digesters in the production of sulphate or soda pulp during the manufacture of paper. The energy content derives from the lignin removed from the wood pulp.


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