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FAO Agricultural Policy and Economic Development Series

1. Searching for common ground - European Union enlargement and agricultural policy, 1997

2. Agricultural and rural development policy in Latin America- New directions and new challenges, 1997

3. Food security strategies - The Asian experience, 1997

4. Guidelines for the integration of sustainable agriculture and rural development into agricultural policies, 1997

In accordance with the widely adopted market-oriented economic principles, most countries in Latin America and die Caribbean have continued to advance in the process of deregulation, privatization and external opening of their economies. This process implies a redefinition of the role of the public sector in agriculture. As in the rest of the economy, regional policies have progressively emphasized the role of market forces in agriculture as the main mechanisms for resource allocation. As shown by the region's recent experience, radical changes in strategy involve the risk of going from one extreme to another, that is, from an excessive presence to an excessive absence of the public sector in productive market mechanisms. Hie present study analyses the significance of this new economic context for the design of policies for the agricultural sector. In addition, it analyses and assesses recent trends in agricultural development policy in Latin America, to identify and synthesize new policy directions and to highlight emerging challenges and avenues for policy innovation.

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