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(Russell Howorth)

The representative of SOPAC informed the meeting of the work programme areas of the Commission which relate to the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors.

The water and sanitation programme was established in 1994 when the UNDP regional water and sanitation project was incorporated into the SOPAC Secretariat.

At the 1995 South Pacific Forum Heads of Governments meeting, SOPAC was directed to assume responsibility for regional coordination for disaster management and is currently working with all interested parties, particularly the UNDHA South Pacific Program Office, which at present implements a UNDP regional disaster project.

In its Coastal Environmental Geoscience programme, SOPAC carries out erosion studies and resource assessment surveys for sand and gravel for use in infrastructure development.

SOPAC is currently involved, together with other South Pacific Organizations Coordination Committee agencies, in the Regional Strategy exercise, being coordinated by the Forum Secretariat.

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