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Equipment news

The continual development of forest utilization and woodworking industries is reflected in the increasing demand for information on new equipment. FAO's Forestry Division, on the recommendation of the FAO Conference, collects such information and sends it on request to Member Governments. The Forestry Division would appreciate receiving data from manufacturers all over the world; specifications should be accompained by clear, sharp photographs (glossy prints). FAO, however, can accept no obligation to publish all such information received.

Spiral rotor Trencher

SPIRAL ROTOR TRENCHER. - This trencher, powered by a 6 h.p. gasoline engine, is designed to construct a fire line 18 to 24 in. in width. In operation, the spiral digs down to mineral soil and pushes the ground cover to either side. It is designed for working in deep soft soils, thickly matted grasses and medium brush types.

This is a pilot model weighing 550 lb. and under test conditions has been operated on slopes of 55 %, and on side slopes of 30%. Normal working limits up and down slopes are expected to be 40 %. Forward speeds ¼ m.p.h., 1 ¼ m.p.h. and 2½ m.p.h.; reverse speed - ½ m.p.h.

U.S. Forest Service, Equipment Development Center, Arcadia, California, U.S.A.

Forestiere C. D. 4.

FORESTIERE C. D. 4. - This saw is easily transported, can be used anywhere and is simple in operation even for unskilled labor. It can be set up anywhere, requires about two hours to install and does not need any foundation or concrete work, it is simply placed on its rail track which has been carefully aligned and levelled. Since the machine is carried on guide rollers fitted with needle bearings the feed is flexible. The operator varies his feed speed according to the hardness of the wood, and, if he feels the slightest resistance slows down; adjustment of the thickness of timber cut is obtained by means of a small graduated wheel.

Specifications: Petrol, electric, or diesel motor as required. The petrol motor is of 2025 h.p., 4 cylinders; the electric motor averages 16-20 h.p. The saw pulleys are 1 m. in diameter, 90 mm. in width. The saw tension is obtained by means of a hydraulic appliance, the pressure being controlled with aid of a gauge; there is also a compensating spring. The Forestière C. D. 4 can use band saws up to 4 m. in width and can be used to cut logs up to 1.4 m. in diameter. The gauge between the rails is 1.50 m. and it is supplied with a track 6 m. long, which can, however be lengthened indefinitely so that several logs can be sawn one after another without stopping the machine. Average production is 1 to 2 cu. m. per hour for colonial timber, lineal speed of saw 22 m/sec. for hardwoods with a swayed tooth of 3a mm. pitch; 46 m/sec. for softwoods with a tooth spacing of 50 or 60 mm. The saw is fitted with a set of pulleys whereby the speed of the band saw wheels can be adjusted according to the species sawn.

Etablissements C. D., M. P. Lanson, 37 rue de Lille, Paris 7e, France.

Caterpillar DW with Caterpillar straight bulldozer

CATERPILLAR DW WITH CATERPILLAR STRAIGHT BULLDOZER - Specifications: Overall dimensions - length 20 ft. 10 in., width 10 ft. 25/8 in., height 6 ft. 4 in. Blade - cutting width 10 ft. 25/8 in., height 38 in., maximum lift above ground 44 in. Weight distribution of complete unit - DW 10 Tractor 15,140 lb., No. 21 cable control 1,620 lb., No. 105 Bulldozer 9,100 lb.; counterweights 7,000 lb.; total weight 32,760 lb.

Caterpillar Tractor Co., Peoria, Illinois, U.S.A.

Logging arch

LOGGING ARCH. - This logging arch is suitable for use with small crawler tractors or a caterpillar track-laying vehicle equipped with a winch, and hears timber loads of from 4 to 6 tons. The frame consists of three sections secured by lock pins and is easily and quickly assembled and dismantled. The arch is formed of a heavy section steel tube in " A " form with stub axles at the lower legs and roller-gear at the top; attached to this is the pole member which is composed of a steel channel. The other end of the pole is swept down to suit the tractor drawbar and is equipped with a universal action two eye. The distance between the eye and wheels is 9 ft., the overall width 7 ft. 2 in. Standard tire equipment is l 11.00-20 mounted on pressed steed disc three-piece wheels.

A yoke" at the top of the pole reinforces the pull from axle to draw-bar; the roller-gear is mounted with a substantial sheave for taking the tractor winch-rope and hauling logs upward under the "A" frame. Total weight of logging arch, including 11.00 X 20 wheel tires, is 15 cwt. 3 qtr.

Universal Power Drivers Ltd., Aintree Road, Perivale, Middlesex, England.

Hayes simplex loader

HAYES SIMPLEX LOADER. - This machine is composed of one load line drum and two smaller drums for swinging boom under power-main line drum.

Specifications: capacity up to 1,000 ft. of I in. cable. Swing drum brakes are of band type 27 X 3 in. controlled by one foot pedal. Swing drum pull approximately 36,000 lb. at 79 ft./min. in low gear. Chrysler industrial model 251 F: 6-cylinder motor with fluid coupling and 4-speed transmission driving through double universal joints to ball-bearing power take-off. Other power units can be supplied.

Hayes Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Vancouver 9, Canada.

Preco back rippers

PRECO BACK RIPPERS. - This fitting provides a new time-saving approach to earth moving for angling-blade bulldozers. Welded to the underside of the bulldozer frame, the rippers prepare the ground by ripping and scarifying when the bulldozer is backing up for the next forward blading operation; they float freely while blading is taking place. Teeth and shanks penetrate approximately 8 inches when hack ripping and can be retracted for carrying, back trowelling or smoothing. Housings are installed on the back of bulldozer mouldboards. Shank size is 3 X 4 X 26 in. Photo shows model R. A. 8 back rip scarifier mounted on Caterpillar D. 8 in action.

Preco Inc., 6300 E. Slauson A vet Los Angeles 22, California, U.S.A.

Large pulpwood trailer

LARGE PULPWOOD TRAILER. King model L82SW Tandem Axle Logging Semi-trailer for carrying 16 one-cord bundles of pulpwood. This trailer includes 14.00-24 20-ply tires, with hard rock lug type tread (8 only), wide base demountable type rims 24 in. fabricated steel-spoke wheels Timken tapered roller bearings; King 8 axles of 40,000 lb. capacity each 171/4 X 5 ½ in. mechanical brakes on all wheels actuated by 2-line air system (no cab controls or connecting hoses); 35-ton running gear incorporating leaf springs and rubber mounted at trunnions and axles, lubrication required at brake camshaft bearings and wheel bearings only; all-welded steel frame 41 ft. long; load carrying beams consist of four sets of boxed 15 in. alloy channels, main rails 14 X 10 in. wide, flange alloy steel beams, 3½ in. diameter king pin to suit A.S.F. type fifth wheels removable for servicing; double spare tire earlier.

Truck Engineering Ltd., Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.

The PTI dial set gauge

THE PTI DIAL SET GAUGE. - For accurate checking of the set of circular saw teeth, this new dial gauge enables instant checking within .001 in. (.0025 cm.) of the set of any type of saw blade - tooth-rip, cross, conventional or safety.

PTI, 401 Broadway, New York 13, N.Y., U.S.A. (Photo by courtesy of Paul Blacker)

M and P transportable 18 in. saw bench

M AND P TRANSPORTABLE 18 IN. SAW BENCH. - Specifications: all steel frame, cast-iron table 35 X 19 in.; 3 h.p. electric motor, or 3 h.p. petrol engine; rise and fall rapidly adjustable giving 6 in. depth of cut; locking fence allows 7 in. width of cut and can be swung clear of table when cross cutting.

Moore and Partners Ltd., 89 Bartholomew Close, London E. C. 1, England.

"Easy cut" saw.

"EASY CUT" SAW. - Has new tooth design based on a different conception of wood sawing and offers certain advantages over conventional type saws. It has relatively few teeth and each tooth takes a limited "bite", thus minimizing kickback and grabbing action; requires less power and is quieter in operation. Best suited for ripping, it can also be used for rough cut off and combination work on either table type or radial arm machines. Size of saw ranges from 6 to 16 in. in diameter with 8 or 12 teeth to the saw, either solid tooth or carbide tipped.

Simonds Canada Saw Co., 595 St. Remi St., Montreal 30, Canada.

Nelson pole shaving machine

NELSON POLE SHAVING MACHINE. - The outstanding features of the machine are: the pole is completely peeled from end to end and the machine leaves no rings or feathers on the end of the pole; hydraulic controls, flexible depth of cut control quick reversibility of driving mechanism. Cutter head revolves at 3,600 r.p.h. Shipping weight approximately 16,000 lb.

Nelson Electric Manufacturing Co. Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

The Hawker model 1951 rod and dowel machine and Hawker automatic feed machine

THE HAWKER MODEL 1951 ROD AND DOWEL MACHINE AND HAWKER AUTOMATIC FEED MACHINE - The operator loads stock into the hopper, starts the machine and the hopper feed operation is fully automatic; manual loading of hopper can be quickly done from time to time as loads are complete.

Specifications: Full productive capacity can be maintained continuously up to 200 lineal f.p.m.; adjustable speed of 5,000 to 7,500 r.p.m. with 4 cutter knife head, 3 interchangeable sizes of high-speed heads from 1/8 in. to 2 in. in diameter.

The Hawker Manufacturing Co., Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A.

Record sand-papering machine with ZS-3m cylinders

RECORD SAND-PAPERING MACHINE WITH ZS-3M CYLINDERS. - This ma chine can be used for sand-papering hard and soft wood, curved, laminated, solid wood or wooden framework, synthetic materials and metals.

Specifications: Width of material that can be worked 4 ft. 3 in.; max. thickness of wood to be worked 4.7 in., min. thickness 0.08 in.; no. of polishing cylinders 3; diameter of polishing rollers 1 ft.; variable speed 13.-33 f.p.m.; force required for rollers 3 X 10 h.p.; speed of cylinder draw 1,430 r.p.m.; net weight 9,482 lb.

Ulrich Steinemann S. A., St. Gall, Winkeln, Switzerland.

Sharpening machine for cutters

SHARPENING MACHINE FOR CUTTERS. - The sharpening machine is mounted on ball-bearings and moves in prismatic slots of hardened steel. The cutter which is fixed to the shaft remains blocked, while the grinding wheel is moved gently by hand along the cutting edge. Water cooling is carried out by pump; the grinding wheel is controlled by a 3-phase, belt-driven motor.

Specifications: Model JKO:3: principal motor - 0.5 h.p. at 2,880 r.p.m.; motor for water pump - 0.1 h.p.; speed of grinding wheel shaft 4,350 r.p.m.; diameter of pulley of principal motor 2.6 in., diameter of pulley for grinding wheel shaft 1.7 in.; grinding wheel dimensions diameter 5.9 in., thickness 0.6 in. boring hole diameter 0.8 in.; lateral course of grinding wheel 6 ft. 6 in.. net weight approx. 551 lb.

Georges Fischer S. A., Schaffhouse, Switzerland.

Porter cable guild Sander model 106

PORTER CABLE GUILD SANDER MODEL 106. - Designed for cabinet makers, furniture manufacturers and millwork shops.

Specifications: The abrasive pad of the Sander model 106 revolves in a ¼ in. diameter orbit at 4,000 r.p.m.; weight 6 lb.; length 9½ in., width 4 1/8 in.; height 6½ in.

Porter Cable Machine Co., Dept. PR-1, Syracuse, New York, U.S.A.

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