Unasylva - Vol. 11, No. 4

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Unasylva - An International Review of Forestry and Forest Products

PREPARED by the Forestry Division and published every quarter in English, French and Spanish, by the Information Division at FAO's Headquarters in Rome, Unasylva attempts to cover a range of interest as wide as that of FAO's Forestry Division whose work it mirrors. Signed articles express the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Organization. All material in Unasylva may be freely reprinted, but acknowledgement is requested, together with a copy of the publication containing the reprint.

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Cover Photograph: On Mindoro Island, in the Philippines, a Hanunóo shifting cultivator is required to leave a "detour marker" when a clearing is made across an established trail. Inscribed on the outer surface of the bamboo cylinder in this photograph is a message written in the Hanunóo, syllabary telling the traveler where he should walk to avoid an area recently cut over - but still unburned - for purposes of shifting cultivation.

Courtesy, Harold C. Conklin

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Table of Contents

Productivity in forest operations

G. E. Bell
Economics of barking and chip production

H. G. Wilm
The influence of forest vegetation on water and soil

F. H. Landon and G. G. K. Setten
Forestry and forest research in the federation of Malaya

Harold C. Conklin
Hanunóo agriculture

F. Loetsch
A forest inventory in Thailand

Commodity report

The work of FAO

Asia-Pacific forestry commission
Teak Subcommission

Equipment section

News of the world

Book notices

Some new forestry publications

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