Woodfuel flow study of Phnom Penh, Cambodia (GCP/RAS/154/NET)

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Prepared by the Woodfuel Flow Study Team

Woodfuel Flow Study Team:

· Chay Seng Thong - Department of Forestry
· Heng Chanthoeun - Ministry of Environment
· Lao Sethaphal - Department of Forestry
· Ou Ratana - Ministry of Environment
· Nou Sovanddara - Department of Energy
· Tin Sok Samedy - Ministry of Environment
· Touch Salin - Department of Forestry
· Yem Chandararith - Department of Energy

Advisor: Sarah Burgess

Support and Funding By:

· Cambodian Environmental Management Program/USAID
· International Development Research Centre, Canada
· United Nations Development Programme/Environmental Technical Advisory Programme

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Table of Contents




Units and conversions

Traditional units
Conventional units

1. Introduction

2. Consumption of wood energy

2.1 Population statistics
2.2 Wood energy consumption in households

2.2.1 Firewood
2.2.2 Charcoal

2.3 Wood energy consumption in industry and services

2.3.1 Brick kilns
2.3.2 Bakeries

2.4 Destinations outside Phnom Penh

2.4.1 Firewood
2.4.2 Charcoal

2.5 Consumption of other forms of energy

2.5.1 Liquid petroleum gas (LPG)
2.5.2 Consumption of agricultural residues

2.6 Estimates of future domestic consumption

3. Resources and supply areas

3.1 Kratie province

3.1.1 Forest resources
3.1.2 Supply area
3.1.3 Firewood transportation
3.1.4 Charcoal

3.2 Kampong Thom province

3.2.1 Forest resources
3.2.2 Supply area
3.2.3 Firewood
3.2.4 Charcoal location of supply and production: Santuk district

3.3 Kampong Chhnang province

3.3.1 Forest resources
3.3.2 Supply area
3.3.3 Firewood location and supply quantity: Kampong Tralach and Samaki Meanchay
3.3.4 Charcoal

3.4 Kampong Speu province

3.4.1 Forest resources
3.4.2 Supply area
3.4.3 Firewood
3.4.4 Charcoal location of supply and production: Trey Treyeng

3.5 Tree species used for firewood and charcoal.
3.6 Total firewood and charcoal supplied from the study areas

3.6.1 Firewood
3.6.2 Charcoal
3.6.3 Factors influencing the results

3.7 Issues affecting communities in the supply areas

4. Urban market structure

4.1 Wood energy flows from rural areas
4.2 Wood energy traders

4.2.1 Depots in Phnom Penh
4.2.2 Prices and units of sale
4.2.3 Income and expenditure
4.2.4 Trading relationships
4.2.5 Reasons for trade

5. Socio-economic aspects of wood energy consumption

5.1 Income levels and energy use
5.2 Prices of different forms of energy
5.3 Changes in energy use
5.4 Urbanisation
5.5 Traditional uses of wood energy
5.6 Income generation in the rural areas

6. Environmental impacts of wood energy consumption

6.1 Deforestation
6.2 Forest loss in the study areas

6.2.1 Kratie province
6.2.2 Kampong Thom province
6.2.3 Kampong Speu province
6.2.4 Kampong Chhnang province

6.3 The consumption of energy in the household
6.4 Alternative energy forms

7. Wood energy in government policy

7.1 Department of forestry and wildlife
7.2 Department of energy
7.3 Ministry of environment

8. Conclusions and recommendations

8.1 Conclusions
8.2 Recommendations