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The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA):

The AMA organised a workshop Food Supply and Distribution to Accra and its Metropolis, sponsored by the FAO. This workshop, held in Accra from 13 to 17 April 1998, gathered representatives of all interest groups (food producers, traders and transporters as well as urban consumers) who met for the first time to discuss issues of common interest.

The workshop set out to:

Five themes were assigned for discussion in work groups:

Work-group discussions were directed towards the identification of specific problems, the expected consequences, the required interventions and the institutional responsibilities for undertaking corrective actions.

This document contains the proceedings of that workshop. Section A contains a brief discussion of issues such as urban expansion, the location of markets within Metropolitan Accra, the structure of its market channels, the organisation of food trade and its constraints, etc. Section B presents a summary of the workshop conclusions and recommendations. These can be implemented at very little cost and require a minimal amount of pre-planning. The recommendations of each work-group are detailed in Section C.

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