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Jacques Vercueil, Director of Agriculture in Economic Development Analysis Division has been the initiator and a major driving force behind the CUREMIS exercise both on the intellectual and implementation aspects of it. This first volume of the CUREMIS project is dedicated to him.

The present document is the result of tireless efforts by a number of individuals both within and outside FAO. First and foremost, gratitude is due to the staff in the decentralized offices of FAO for their timely and thorough responses to the questionnaire and their comments and suggestions especially at the initial stages of this endeavour. Franco Viciani has skilfully managed the set-up, distribution, collection and synthesis of the questionnaire and of the expert responses. Willi Meyers organized the mini-symposium on the CUREMIS in Berlin and provided suggestions at various stages of the process. Very useful inputs were also received by Sumiter Broca, Materne Maetz, Rodrigo Santa Cruz, Aysen Tanyeri-Abur and Alberto Zezza. Thanks are also due to the outside experts who helped identify the issues to be analysed in depth: Yoginder Alagh, Michel Griffon, Urlich Koester, Feng Lu, Simon Maxwell, Yair Mundlak, Roger Norton and Joachim Von Braun.

Kostas G. Stamoulis