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Annex 2. List of Documents[13]

Biotech 01/01

Provisional Agenda and Timetable

Biotech 01/02

Questions about the Assessment of Allergenicity of Foods Derived from Modern Biotechnology

Biotech 01/03

Topic 1: Overview of the Current Approach to Determine the Allergenicity of Genetically Modified Foods (Decision Tree Approach)

Biotech 01/04

Topic 2: Commonly Known Allergenic Sources (IgE-Mediated and Non IgE-Mediated Food Allergens as well as Environmental Allergens)

Biotech 01/05

Topic 3: Allergen Databases/Class of Proteins/Allergen Function

Biotech 01/06

Topic 4: Sequence Homology and Allergen Structure

Biotech 01/07

Topic 5: Stability of Known Allergens (Digestion and Heat Stability

Biotech 01/08

Topic 6: Solid phase Immunoassay, Immunoreactivity and Other Criteria

Biotech 01/09

Topic 7: Prevalence of Allergen in Food and Threshold for Sensitization

Biotech 01/10

Topic 8: Animal Model for Allergenicity Assessment

Biotech 01/11

Topic 9: Post-market Surveillance of Allergenicity

[13] Working Documents are posted on the following FAO and WHO websites:

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