Adoption of Hybrid Rice in Asia - Policy Support

Proceedings of the workshop on policy support for rapid adoption
of hybrid rice on large-scale production in Asia
Hanoi, Viet Nam, 22-23 May 2001


Rome, 2002

Table of Contents

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Front row (from left to right):

1. Vice-Minister Ngo The Dan (Viet Nam), 2. Sant S. Virmani (IRRI), 3. Minister Matia Chowdhury (Bangladesh), 4. Ms Long Ping Yuan (China), 5. Long Ping Yuan (China), 6. Deputy Prime Minsiter Nguyen Cong Tan (Viet Nam), 7. Fernanda Guerrieri (FAO), 8. Minister Le Huy Ngo (Viet Nam), 9. Tran Van Dat (FAO), 10. Quach Ngoc An (Viet Nam)

Second row:

1. Dao Trong Tu (Viet Nam), 2. A.W. Zulfiquar (Bangladesh), 3. Shelton W. Abeysekera (Sri Lanka), 4. Dharmasiri B. Weeratunge (Sri Lanka), 5. Chitta R. Hazra (India), 6. Kumar D. Sinha (India), 7. Tarkim Suyitno (Indonesia), 8. Emund J. Sana (Philippines), 9. Noel G. Mamicpic (APSA), 10. Nguyen Van Hoan (Viet Nam), 11. Le Hong Nhu (Viet Nam), 12. Andi Hasanuddin (Indonesia), 13. Nguyen Tri Hoan (Viet Nam)

Third row:

1. Frisco M. Malabanan (Philippines), 2. Tang Li (China), 3. Le Hung Quoc (Viet Nam), 4. Do Dinh Thuan (Viet Nam), 5. Pham Van Ngu (Viet Nam), 6. Nguyen Thi Tram (Viet Nam), 7. Nguyen Tho Canh (Viet Nam), 8. Nguyen Tri Ngoc (Viet Nam), 9. Nguyen Van Tung (Viet Nam)

Fourth row:

1. Tran Duy Quy (Viet Nam), 2. Le Huu Khang (Viet Nam), 3. Nguyen Huu Nghia (Viet Nam), 4. Ngo Van Giao (Viet Nam), 5. Hoang Tuyet Minh (Viet Nam), 6. Nguyen Viet Huong (Viet Nam), 7. Do Van Vuong (Viet Nam), 8. Tran Ngoc But (Viet Nam), 9. Duong Duc Tung (Viet Nam)

Back row:

1. Ole Johansen (DANIDA), 2. Grethe Tarp (DANIDA), 3. Nguyen Van Suan (Viet Nam), 4. Tran Dinh Cao (Viet Nam), 5. Nguyen Ngoc Tien (Viet Nam), 6. Tran Quoc Khoa (Viet Nam), 7. Giang Tu Thanh (Viet Nam), 8. Nguyen Thanh Lam (Viet Nam), 9. Ngo Thanh Than (Viet Nam)

Table of Contents


Part one: Introduction

Welcome address - H.E. Nguyen Cong Tan
FAO statement - Fernanda Guerrieri
IRRI statement - Sant S. Virmani
Conclusions and recommendations

Part two: Needs for new orientation

Hybrid rice for food security: recent progress and large-scale production issues - Dat Van Tran
Orientation of research programme for supporting a rapid adoption of hybrid rice technology on a large scale - Sant S. Virmani
Needs of hybrid rice seed industry for supporting large-scale cultivation - Noel G. Mamicpic

Part three: Countries' experiences in hybrid rice

Status, policies and expectations for hybrid rice research and development in Bangladesh - Matia Chowdhury
Recent progress in the development of hybrid rice in China - Long Ping Yuan
Status of hybrid rice development in India - Chitta R. Hazra
Strengthening the development and use of hybrid rice in Indonesia - Andi Hasanuddin and Tarkim Suyitno
Hybrid rice programme in the Philippines - Edmund J. Sana, Frisco M. Malabanan and Edilberto D. Redoña
Status, progress, policies and expectations for the hybrid rice research and development programme in Sri Lanka - Shelton Wijenayaka Abeysekera, Demuni Sumith de Zoysa Abeysiriwardena and Dharmasiri Bope Weeratunge
Policy support for hybrid rice in Viet Nam - Ngo The Dan
Hybrid rice production in Viet Nam - Quach Ngoc An
Recent progress in hybrid rice research in Viet Nam - Nguyen Tri Hoan

List of participants