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About the authors

Bruce Girard is a researcher, writer and educator active in development communication and communication rights issues. He was the founder of the Agencia Informativa Púlsar and of Comunica, a network focusing on the use of new ICTs by independent media in the South. He has lectured on broadcasting, information and communication technologies, and communication rights in more than 25 countries. His other books are A Passion for Radio, an edited volume of stories about community radio around the world, and Global Media Governance, co-authored with Seán Ó Siochrú and Amy Mahan.

Alfonso Gumucio is a writer and development communication specialist with experience in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. He is the author of Making Waves: Stories of Participatory Communication for Social Change.

Lynda Attias holds a master's degree in communications and international development from the University of Quebec in Montreal. In the summer of 2001, she directed a series of training sessions on the Internet and digital editing with Senegalese community radios in conjunction with the Panos Institute of West Africa (Institut Panos Afrique de l'Ouest/IPAO).

Johan Deflander is the head of Panos Institute of West Africa's (PIWA) Radio Department. He has been working for several years to promote pluralism in radio, capacity building for media players, and the democratization of communication tools in West Africa. He has directed many projects, including the BDP on Line pilot project.

Jean-Pierre Ilboudo is the head of the Communication for Development Group in the Extension and Communication Service of the FAO. He is a radio journalist by training and has PhD in Information and Communication Sciences. He has taught radio production and communication sciences in Germany and Burkina Faso and is the former head of the Study Service at the Inter-African Centre for Rural Radio Studies of Ouagadougou (CIERRO). He has written and published numerous articles, studies, manuals and other works in the field of communication for development and rural radio.

Riccardo del Castello is Communication for Development Officer in the Education, Extension and Communication Service of the FAO. He is responsible for projects dealing with multi-media applications to agricultural and rural development, particularly rural radio and new ICTs in rural networks, information and communication systems for agricultural research and extension, farmer information networks and training. Prior to joining FAO he worked as expert in broadcasting and telecommunication systems for developing countries and also as audiovisual production trainer for multicultural community television in Canada.

Robert Ottenhoff is a Washington-based consultant and former Chief Operating Officer of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), a network of public television broadcasters in the USA. Email:

Stella Hughes is Chief of the Media and Society Section in the Communication and Information Sector of UNESCO. She was responsible for launching and coordinating UNESCO's Community Multimedia Centres programme. She joined UNESCO after twenty years as a broadcaster and journalist.

Ian Pringle is a media development specialist based in South Asia. Pringle has fifteen years experience in the use of information and communication technologies as tools for social change, development, pluralism, governance, public awareness and peacebuilding. Email:

MJR David was the project director for the Kothmale Community Radio Project. He has a degree in development communication and has been a radio producer for more than fifteen years. He is currently a producer for the BBC. Email:

Birgitte Jallov is the Chief Technical Adviser for the UNESCO/UNDP Media Development Project in Mozambique.She has worked with communication policy and planning, training, and gender issues for more than 20 years.

Nancy Bennett is the Executive Director of the Developing Countries Farm Radio Network.

Martin Hala is Project Director at C@MP, the Center for Advanced Media-Prague, a division of the Media Development Loan Fund. and

Santoso is Director of Radio 68H, and member of Board of Directors of the Institute for the Study of Free Flow of Information - ISAI. and

Francesca Silvani is the editor of Panos' InterWorld Radio (IWR) based in London.

José Manuel Ramos is a researcher and lecturer at the Universidad de las Américas, Puebla, Mexico. He has published numerous articles and books on Mexico's indigenous people's radio.

Ángel Díez is the director of the Department of Images and Sound in Mexico's Instituto Nacional Indigenista.

Luis Dávila is Assistant General Secretary and coordinator of Programming and Production for the Asociación Latinoamericana de Educación Radiofónica, ALER (Latin American radio education association).

José Manuel López is the coordinator of the Social Action Department of Cáritas Española.

Robert L. Hilliard is a Professor of Visual Media Arts at Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts. Formerly Chief, Educational/Public Broadcasting Branch, Federal Communication Commission. He has co-authored numerous books on broadcasting, including The Broadcast Century and Beyond, Radio Broadcasting, Global Broadcasting Systems, and Beyond Boundaries: Cyberspace in Africa, and Waves of Rancor: Tuning in the Radical Right.

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