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1. Fertilizer distribution and credit schemes for small-scale farmers, 1979 (E* F)
2. Crop production levels and fertilizer use, 1981 (E* F S)
3. Maximizing the efficiency of fertilizer use by grain crops, 1980 (E F S)
4. Fertilizer procurement, 1981 (E F)
5. Fertilizer use under multiple cropping systems, 1983 (C* E F)
6. Maximizing fertilizer use efficiency, 1983 (E*)
7. Micronutrients, 1983 (C* E* F S*)
8. Manual on fertilizer distribution, 1985 (E* F)
9. Fertilizer and plant nutrition guide, 1984 (Ar C* E* F* S*)
10. Efficient fertilizer use in acid upland soils of the humid tropics, 1986 (E F S)
11. Efficient fertilizer use in summer rainfed areas, 1988 (E F S*)
12. Integrated plant nutrition systems, 1995 (E F)
13. Use of phosphate rocks for sustainable agriculture, 2003 (E F**)

Availability: November 2003

Ar - Arabic
C - Chinese
E - English
F - French
P - Portuguese
S - Spanish
Multil + Multilingual
* Out of print
** In prep a ra tion

The FAO Technical Papers are available through the authorized
FAO Sales Agents or directly from Sales and Marketing Group,
FAO, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100 Rome, Italy.

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