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The FAO Crop and Grassland Service would like to acknowledge the contribution of the following authors: Clair Hershey, Guy Henry, Rupert Best and Carlos Iglesias for the cassava overview on Latin America and the Caribbean; Aristóteles Pires de Matos, Ana Maria Mascarenhas Eloy Canto, Bernardo Ospina Patiño, José da Silva Souza, Nicolau Miguel Schaun and Wania Maria Gonçalves Fukuda for the case study on Brazil and Alvaro B. Balcázar and Hernán A. Mansilla for the case study on Colombia.

Clair Hershey, Aristóteles Pires de Matos, Marcio C. Marques Porto and Adrianna Gabrielli are thanked for editing and Nadia Sozzi for preparing the camera-ready text.

NeBambi Lutaladio (Agricultural Officer, Crop and Grassland Service, FAO) coordinated and made possible the release of this publication within the framework of the Global Cassava Development Strategy.

Eric A. Kueneman
Crop and Grassland Service
FAO Plant Production and Protection Division

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