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Closing Remarks

Dr. Y. Cheneau, Chief, Animal Health Service, AGAH

Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I apologise on behalf of Dr. Samuel Jutzi, Director of AGA, who could not be present at the close of this meeting due to prior pressing commitments.

Mr. Chairman, this has indeed been a highly satisfactory meeting over the last three days. New and relevant ideas were presented that have stimulated exceptional discussions and debate. We must not underestimate the impact of CBPP in Africa and realise that it is a problem despite the lack of supportive data in some instances. Data to substantiate this claim is scarce or lacking, or it may be inapplicable, but it is a problem of sufficient magnitude for the SADC countries to announce it in the popular press during the launch of an appeal for donor support in the control of CBPP and other transboundary animal diseases. We have to deal with this reality. The meeting has taken into consideration vaccination and antibiotic treatment, and progress in the basic research has been presented. I thank all the authors and presenters for their continued efforts. In this respect I am pleased to announce that this forum has been institutionalized and I hope that these meetings will continue and receive continuing financial support from FAO.

I wish to comment on two crucial issues in the control of CBPP. The first is the state of veterinary services in Africa, I am inclined to mention that the first and most important objective of PARC was to improve these services. We should do likewise for the control of CBPP because Veterinary services today are not up to strength. The second is the state of PANVAC. We know that it has not existed functionally for about two years. The operational presence of this vaccine quality control laboratory is of utmost importance to the effective production of CBPP and other vaccines used for animal disease control in Africa. CBPP vaccines must always be properly quality assured if they are to be effective in the field. All efforts must be directed to re-opening this laboratory and it must be maintained by AU/IBAR.

On behalf of FAO I thank you for the quality of your work at this meeting and promise that we will not be inactive in trying to promote CBPP control in Africa. In our deliberations and discussions, we have reached consensus and I am particularly pleased to see that we have not advocated the open and free use of vaccine in the field.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I declare the meeting closed, and although we are responsible for keeping you here for long hours, in the time remaining please enjoy Rome. My successor will welcome you in two years time to the next CBPP Consultative Meeting.

Thank you.

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