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Richly varied seed mixtures at middle and high altitudes in mountain environments that provide a natural-like or site-specific vegetation cover, primarily oriented towards nature protection rather than merely the production of forage have gained significance in recent years. Particularly during large building projects (such as ski lifts, ski runs, snow-making facilities, reservoir power stations, roads and tourist infrastructure), this type of restoration has become prominent within the project areas. However, together with the standard demands of rapid surface protection and restoration stability, the function of protecting biotopes is to be increasingly considered. In a time of relegation and destruction of extensively used grasslands, areas suitable for restoration must also be seen as areas of potential ecological balance. Prerequisites for the successful realization of such aims are the production and availability of seeds of suitable sitespecific species.

This book intends to give impulse to the viability of these prerequisites. The possibilities and conditions for successful use in landscape construction of 25 different grasses and herbs naturally occurring in the middle and high zones are shown, and their botany and distribution comprehensively described. A significant element of the book gives the possibility of lucrative, non-regulated production detailed instructions for the economic seed production of all the species. This is made available to innovative farmers and seed producers, which will help to ensure the income of these agricultural enterprises.

Laurent Bochereau
Head-of-Unit RTD E.3
Agriculture and
Food Research”
European Commission

Mahmoud Solh
Plant Production
and Protection Division
Agriculture Department
FAO, Rome, Italy

Albert Sonnleitner
Head of Federal
Research Institute
for Agriculture in
Alpine Regions

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