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This publication was prepared by Kenneth L. Rosenbaum, Principal, Sylvan Environmental Consultants (Syenco), Washington, DC, United States, and revised and expanded by Dieter Schoene, FAO Forest Resources Division, and Ali Mekouar, FAO Legal Office. The authors thank the following persons for their contributions: Jon Lindsay of the FAO Legal Office; Laura Kosloff and Mark Trexler of Trexler Climate and Energy Services, Inc.; Susan Casey-Lefkowitz of the National Resources Defense Council; Charles di Leva of the World Bank; Anni Lukács of the World Conservation Union Environmental Law Center; Jennifer Gleason, Marc Allas and Chirmini Kodituwakku, participants in the E-LAW network; Hans Kolshus of FAO’s Investment Centre Division; Heikki Granholm, Programme Officer, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Secretariat; Martina Jung of the Hamburg Institute of International Economics; Rita Neznek of the Society of American Foresters; Mike Murphy of the United States Department of Agriculture – Forest Service; Chris Rolfe of West Coast Environmental Law; Dave Spittlehouse of the British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Canada; and Tony Lempriere of Natural Resources Canada. Members of the FAO Interdepartmental Working Group on Climate Change kindly reviewed initial versions of the paper. The Environmental Law Institute in Washington, DC, provided library and online resources. The Environmental and Biomolecular Systems Department of the Oregon Health and Science University, United States, supplied library access for Mr Rosenbaum. The FAO Legal Office and the FAO Interdepartmental Working Group on Climate Change (Wulf Killmann, Chair) provided financing.

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