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1. Africover: Specifications for geometry and cartography, 2000 (E)

2. Terrestrial Carbon Observation: The Ottawa assessment of requirements, status and next steps, 2002 (E)

3. Terrestrial Carbon Observation: The Rio de Janeiro recommendations for terrestrial and atmospheric measurements, 2002 (E)

4. Organic agriculture: Environment and food security, 2003 (E and S)

5. Terrestrial Carbon Observation: The Frascati report on in situ carbon data and information, 2002 (E)

6. The Clean Development Mechanism: Implications for energy and sustainable agriculture and rural development projects, 2003 (E)*

7. The application of a spatial regression model to the analysis and mapping of poverty, 2003 (E)

8. Land Cover Classification System (LCCS), version 2, 2005 (E)

9. Coastal GTOS. Strategic design and phase 1 implementation plan, 2005 (E)

10. Frost Protection: fundamentals, practice and economics- Volume I and II + CD, 2005 (E)

Availability: March 2005

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