Map of crop prospects and food supply situation


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Mexico Belize Guatemala El Salvador Honduras Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama Cuba Haiti Dominican Rep. Jamaica Central America Map

Columbia Venezuela Guyana Surinam French Guiana Ecuador Peru Bolivia Paraguay Brazil Uruguay Argentina Chile South America Map

Unfavourable prospects for current crops Food supply shortfall in current marketing year requiring exceptional assistance Unfavourable crop prospects and food supply shortfall

LATIN AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN: Food assistance is being provided in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua to rural families affected by the severe crisis which has hit the coffee sector. The western parts of Cuba and most of Jamaica have been affected by hurricanes "Isidore" and "Lili". Damage to important cash crops is reported. Food assistance is also being provided in Haiti to farmers in the southern departments affected by adverse weather. In Paraguay, emergency relief, including food aid, is being delivered to rural families in the western parts affected by drought.


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