FAO/GIEWS - Foodcrops and Shortages No.5, November 2002 - Page 2

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Country/Region Reason for Emergency

AFRICA (25 countries)

Angola* Internally displaced persons (IDPs)
Burundi* Civil strife, IDPs
Cape Verde Drought
Central Afr. Rep. Civil strife
Congo, Dem.Rep.* Civil strife, IDPs and refugees
Congo Rep. of* Civil strife, IDPs
Côte d’Ivoire Civil strife, IDPs
Eritrea* Drought, IDPs, returnees
Ethiopia* Drought , IDPs
Guinea IDPs and refugees
Kenya* Drought in parts
Lesotho Adverse weather
Liberia* Civil strife, IDPs
Madagascar Drought in parts, economic problems
Malawi Adverse weather
Mauritania Drought, irrigation water shortages
Mozambique Drought in parts
Sierra Leone* Civil strife, IDPs
Somalia* Civil strife, drought in parts
Sudan* Civil strife in the south and east, drought in parts
Swaziland Drought in parts
Tanzania Drought in parts, refugees
Uganda Civil strife, IDPs, drought in parts
Zambia Drought in parts
Zimbabwe* Drought, economic problems

ASIA (6 countries)

Afghanistan* Effects of earlier drought and war
Georgia Drought and input shortages
Iraq* Shortage of inputs, effects of earlier drought
Korea, DPR* Adverse weather, economic constraints
Mongolia* Harsh winters, drought
Tajikistan Input and irrigation water shortages

LATIN AMERICA (6 countries)

El Salvador Drought, earthquakes, international coffee crisis
Guatemala International coffee crisis
Haiti Drought, flooding
Honduras International coffee crisis
Nicaragua International coffee crisis
Paraguay Drought

EUROPE (2 countries)

Russian Federation (Chechyna) Civil strife
Fed. Rep. Yugoslavia (Serbia & Montenegro) Refugees


Country Main contributory factors
Argentina Economic constraints
Burundi* Dry weather
Cape Verde Dry weather
Central Afr. Rep. Dry weather, civil strife
Côte d’Ivoire Dry weather, civil strife
Eritrea* Drought
Ethiopia* Drought
Kenya* Adverse weather
Liberia* Civil strife
Papua New Guinea Drought
Paraguay Drought
Rwanda Dry weather
Sudan* Drought, displacement
Uganda Drought, displacement

1/ Both here and in the text, countries with unfavourable prospects for current crop and/or uncovered shortfalls are marked in bold and those affected or threatened by successive poor crops or food shortages are marked with an asterisk (*). Definitions can be found on the Contents page.

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