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7. Conclusions

The assessments presented at this expert consultation were in varying degrees of completion. The risk assessments for Campylobacter spp. in broiler chickens, V. vulnificus and V. parahaemolyticus in oysters, are most suited at the present time for use by risk managers to help them make informed risk management decisions. The models use a modular approach which lends flexibility for their use in assessing production systems not specifically covered in the current models. The utilization of the models was demonstrated by a number of examples showing how certain mitigation strategies may lead to a reduction in the number of cases of disease. The models are still evolving and once fully completed will become a useful tool for risk managers.

Since the last consultation, the hazard characterization and exposure assessment were merged to produce a preliminary risk characterization. The risk characterization can provide risk managers with the ability to gain insight into the relative effectiveness of various mitigation strategies. Future activities will focus on ensuring the full potential of the risk assessment is achieved. In addition, a full exploration of the model will be undertaken to fully understand the scope and limitations

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