Working Paper FP/25

Planted Forests and Trees Working Papers



M. Varmola and A. Del Lungo

July 2003

Forest Resources Development Service Working Paper FP/25
Forest Resources Division FAO, Rome (Italy)
Forestry Department


This working paper was carried out under a Visiting Expert agreement between FAO and Finnish Forest Research Institute under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland and in collaboration with University of Tuscia, Italy.


The Planted Forests and Trees Working Paper, report on issues and activities in planted forests. These working papers do not reflect any official position of FAO. Please refer to the FAO website ( for official information.

The purpose of these papers is to provide early release of information on on-going activities and programmes, and to stimulate discussion.

Comments and feedback are welcome.

For further information please contact:

Mr. Jim Carle, Senior Forestry Officer (Plantations and Protection)
Forest Resources Development Service
Forest Resources Division
Forestry Department
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
I-00100 Rome (Italy)

For quotation:

FAO (2003). Planted forests database (PFDB): structure and contents
by M. Varmola and A. Del Lungo.
Planted Forests and Trees Working Papers, Working Paper 25.
Forest Resources Development Service,
Forest Resources Division. FAO,
Rome (unpublished).

Working Paper number 25 is the first with renewed series title. The “Forest Plantation series, available from Working Papers 1 to 24 has changed to the new series title, “Planted Forests and Trees Working Paper”, but numeration will not change.


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1 Introduction

1.1 The importance of forest plantations in world wood supply
1.2 Definitions and history of forest plantations and planted forests assessments in FAO
1.3 Current situation in forest plantations and planted forest data
1.4 Why Planted Forest DataBase (PFDB)

2 Database elements

2.1 Classifications and variables of PFDB and FRA 2000

2.2 References

3 Database contents and interface

3.1 General

3.2 Contents

3.3 Database interface

4 Database improvements

4.1 Current database situation
4.2 Planted forests for core point of next FRA
4.3 Free entrance to PFDB
4.4 New elements of PFDB and connections to other databases


Country references

Appendix 1. List of countries in PFDB and reference source numbers (see Country references list).
Appendix 2. Planted forest gross areas in 2000 according to FRA 2000 and classification of countries according to their planting development.
Appendix 3. Gross area of tree species, genera, species groups based on the PFDB data.
Appendix 4. Tree species used in planted forests and their frequence expressed as number of countries with observations (N).
Appendix 5. Poplar plantation areas by countries.
Appendix 6. Mimimum, average and maximum mean annual increment (MAI, m3 ha-1 yr-1) of selected tree species (more than one observation in each class) and number of observations.
Appendix 7. Average rotation length of selected tree species (more than two observations) and number of observations.
Appendix 8. Mean annual increment vs. rotation length of tree species having more than 30 observations.

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