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40th Anniversary of Country Representations

FAO celebrated today the 40th anniversary of the Organization’s field presence in Europe and Central Asia with a side event exhibit “Global Goals, Localized Action - Celebrating 40 Years of FAO Field Presence in Europe and Central Asia”, staged...
FAO-Egypt celebrated its 40th anniversary highlighting its achievements and successes over the years while identifying future cooperation prospects with the Government of Egypt. The celebration was attended by a number of ministers, senior government officials, ambassadors, experts, academics and farmers...
FAO celebrated today the 40th anniversary of nine Country Representations in the Near East and North Africa region with the opening of a photo exhibition in the FAO building.
FAO today hailed 40 years of close on-the-ground presence and support to ten of its member countries in Asia and the Pacific.
FAO-Indonesia celebrated its 40th Anniversary with a photo exhibition on the ten most important FAO programmes in the country of the last seven decades,
Ceremonies and special side events were held to commemorate the 40th anniversary of FAO country representations as part of the recently concluded FAO Regional Conferences for Latin America and the Caribbean (Montego Bay, Jamaica) and Africa (
A special session was held as part of FAO Regional Conference for Africa (Khartoum, Sudan) to commemorate the 40th anniversary of FAO country representations. The aim was to discuss potential opportunities for domesticating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)...
FAO-Mexico has developed and produced communication products for the occasion, including a special 40th anniversary video, and a 
FAO-Colombia convened a special 40th anniversary ceremony during which FAO was distinguished by the House of Representatives with the Simón Bolívar Order...
FAO-Congo aligned its 40th anniversary celebrations with this year’s World Food Day, organizing several activities such as an official ceremony, a march against hunger, an exhibition of agricultural products, and a...

Between 2017 and 2019, many of FAO’s Country Representations across the world are celebrating their 40th anniversary. After four decades of fruitful collaboration, FAO’s work today is more than ever aligned with host government priorities in meeting the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through localized action. As a knowledge agency with its feet firmly on the ground, FAO implements programmes and projects in cooperation with members and partners to achieve the shared goal of #ZeroHunger and the other SDGs by 2030.

While FAO had previously provided technical support to member countries without having a permanent presence on the ground, the 1977 opening of the Country Representation in Lebanon on 14 June of that year marked the beginning of FAO’s long-term field presence at national level.

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