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Dioxins in the food chain

Prevention and control of contamination


Dioxins are formed as unwanted by-products from a number of human activities including certain industrial processes. In terms of dioxins release into the environment, waste incinerators are often the worst culprits due to incomplete burning. Food of animal origin is the predominant route of human exposure due to the deposition of dioxins in the fat component of animal products. Dioxins have been showed to cause a wide variety of toxic effects and to be carcinogenic in humans and animals. To respond to the numerous recent queries concerning dioxins contamination of food, FAO has recently developed a fact sheet summarising undated information. [dowload fact sheet]



[July 2001]

Food Quality and safety


Public concern over food safety has increased dramatically in the last five years. Internationally accepted, science-based food standards are critical to protect public health. These standards are also evolving to address consumer concerns about new products such as genetically modified foods. A farm-to-consumer approach to food production, processing and preparation can control contamination at every link in the food chain. [dowload fact sheet]