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Programmes / Projects

The Pro-Poor Livestock Policy Initiative (PPLPI), conducted and / or commissioned studies to explore and deepen general understanding of issues related to livestock development in the context of poverty alleviation. These studies are electronically published as books or in the series of PPLPI's working papers, many of which are also summarised for wider distribution as policy briefs.

The results of research conducted in support of particular policy processes in which PPLPI has engaged in focus countries or regions are published as PPLPI research reports, with the aim to document evidence-based policy processes.

Over the years the Initiative has also convened a number of meetings, some of a normative nature and others more specifically related to regional or country-level issues. Many of these have been written up as meeting reports. PPLPI staff have been invited as guest speakers at national and international meetings and conferences. Relevant meeting reports and presentations are made available through these web pages.

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