Second FAO Electronic Conference on Tropical Feeds: ABSTRACTS

Introductory Paper (full text) by A.W. Speedy, C. Dalibard and R. Sansoucy (comments)

Local feed resources and indigenous breeds: fundamental issues in integrated farming systems by Lylian Rodriguez J and T R Preston (comments)

On-farm experiments in the use of local resources for pigs in Vietnam by Nguyen Thi Loc (comments)

Integrated animal production in the oil palm plantation by S. Jalaludin (comments)

Integration of animal production in coconut plantations by S. Reynolds (comments)

The potential of tapping palm trees for animal production by C. Dalibard (comments)

The sugar palm tree as the basis of integrated farming systems in Cambodia by Khieu Borin (comments)

The African oil palm in integrated farming systems in Colombia: new developments by A. Ocampo (comments)

Integration of Livestock in the Sugarcane Industry in Cuba by R. Perez

Sugarcane for Beef and Pork Production by Molina C. et al. (comments)

Livestock in south-eastern China by G. Chan (comments)

Integrated Farming Systems in the Andean Foothills in Colombia (Preliminary Results) by P. Sarria and M.E. Gomez (comments)

Soybean forage as a source of protein for livestock in Cuba by R. Perez

New Research and Development Strategy for a Better Integration of Pig Production in the Farming System in Cuba by P. L. Dominguez

The Role of Feeding System Based on Cereal Residues in Integrated Farming Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa by Chedly Kayouli (comments)

The Role Of Multinutrient Blocks For Sheep Production in Integrated Cereal-Livestock Farming System in Iraq by A.D. Salman (comments)

Excess feeding of stovers from sorghum and maize for small ruminants and cattle in cereal based integrated farming systems in Africa by E.L.K. Osafo et al. (comments)

New developments in livestock systems based on crop residues in China by Guo Tingshuang and Yang Zhenhai (comments)

Ruminant feeding strategies for sustainable agricultural production in upland mixed-farming systems of Indonesia by J.C. Tanner et al.

Feeding draught milking cows in integrated farming systems in the Tropics - Ethiopian Highlands case study by E. Zerbini and B. Shapiro

The role of low-cost plastic tube biodigesters in integrated farming systems in Vietnam by B.X. An

Rice-based livestock systems in Northeast Thailand - strategies for the integration of fish culture by David Little et al.

Stubble Grazing by Sheep by T. Treacher et al. (comments)

Tree mixtures within integrated farming systems by Mauricio Rosales and Margaret Gill (comments)

Landless Women and Poultry: The BRAC Model in Bangladesh by Md.A. Saleque and Shams Mustafa (comments)

The role of scavenging poultry in Integrated Farming Systems in Ethiopia by D. Tadelle (comments)

The role of scavenging ducks, duckweed and fish in Integrated Farming Systems in Vietnam by B.X. Men (comments)

Poultry and fish production - a framework for their integration in Asia by D. Little and K. Satapornvanit (comments)

Opuntia-based ruminant feeding systems in Mexico by C.A. Flores Valdez and G. Aranda Osorio (comments)

The integration of fodder shrubs and cactus in the feeding of small ruminants in the arid zones of North Africa by A. Nefzaoui (comments)

Crop-livestock Production Systems in some Rain Fed Areas of Western India by D.V. Rangnekar

Constraints to the Promotion of Integrated Farming Systems in Small Island States by F.A. Neckles

Outcome of Networking People on Livestock in Crop-Based Farming System in Asia by C.C. Sevilla and T.R. Paris

The Outcome of Networking 24 Latin American and Caribbean Countries on Integrated Use of Sugar cane and Local Resources in Animal Feeding (The CIPAV experience) by E. Murgueitio and R. Espinel (comments)

Information on Livestock Feed Resources and Integrated Farming Systems from the Electronic Journal Livestock Research for Rural Development by A. W. Speedy and T. R. Preston