Comments on: Integrated Farming Systems in the Andean Foothills in Colombia... by P. Sarria and M.E. Gomez

From: Patricia Sarria <>

Answers on questions raised on their paper "Integrated Farming Systems in the Andean Foothills in Colombia"

1. Why did they change from crushing the cane to chopped feeding?

The reasons were:

2. Can the swine excreta mixed with spilled bagasse still be used for biodigesters?

No, now the biodigester in Cipres farm receives cattle manure and household waste water. Other farmers use pig excreta but they use a "trick" to collect bagasse, before it goes into the biodigester. Bagasse causes a problem in the biodigester, it makes a hard layer at the top and gas production is decreasing.

3. How much food and energy (biogas) is produced in this system?

The data are still being processed for the integral system.

4. What other test apart from soil fertility can be used to determine sustainability?

Patricia Sarria and Maria Elena Gomez