Avian flu: coming home to roost?

Interview with Juan Lubroth
Senior Officer Infectious Diseases Group, FAO

Avian Influenza has been known for over 100 years and in recent times, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Chile, and the Republic of Korea have all been affected with serious outbreaks of the disease.

However, the current epidemic in Asia is the first time that such a virulent strain of "bird flu" has affected so many countries all at one time. With exports of fresh and frozen poultry products from affected countries having been stopped, the epidemic is an economical disaster for the poultry business in Asia. Tens of millions of birds have already been culled in an effort to contain the disease, which is particularly serious for smallholder poultry farmers who are often totally dependent on their animals for their daily income.

Dr. Lubroth, Senior Officer for the Infectious Diseases Group, FAO, initiates the interview by commenting on why he thought the epidemic had spread so quickly to many countries in Asia.



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