International Scientific Conference on Avian Influenza and Wild Birds

The Conference has been organized by FAO and OIE to exchange scientific information on AI and the role of wild birds, to assess the risk of the introduction of HPAI virus to yet uninfected areas as well as to propose mitigation and preventive measures.

First statements, however, recognize that uncertainty prevails and call for the improvement of veterinary services and research at country level, so to be able to face Avian influenza and other animal diseases, now and then.


Mr. David Harcharik, FAO Deputy Director-General: "Globalisation and poultry trade are the main factors in the spread of the disease...".

Dr Gideon K. Brückner, Head Scientific and Technical Department, OIE:
according to him, veterinary services are public goods and the donor community should facilitate their delivery and access.

Dr Christianne Bruschke, Coordinator AI taskforce, OIE: "we should combat the disease at animal source".



1. Mr. David Harcharik

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