Linking private and public veterinary services

Meru Dairy Goat and Animal Health Care Project, Kenya
On behalf of UK Department for International Development (DFID)

Watching for and controlling outbreaks of livestock disease, and providing good quality veterinary health care, are central to a productive livestock industry, and must be a major priority for livestock departments.

As the cost for employing sufficient numbers of vets and animal health workers is usually too much for governments to bear, encouraging the development of private animal health services is an increasingly popular option. However, if disease reporting systems are to be effective, and standards of veterinary care are to be maintained, some regulation and support of this growing private sector is needed.

Mike Davison reported from Meru, where an award winning livestock improvement project is being managed by the NGO FARM-Africa. As Davison reports, the Meru Dairy Goat and Animal Health Care Project, as it's called, has created a new network of private animal health workers, and has linked them to the national department.



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