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October 26, 2010

Challenges for a wealthier world: Meat for all?

End of field activities sets stage for rinderpest eradication
As the world population reaches 7 billion, livestock production systems will be pressed to supply the demand for meat that arises from adoption of the diverse and rich nutritional diets enjoyed in developed countries. The challenges of this increased demand for animal protein are increasingly felt and the situation is likely to become more difficult given that inputs for livestock production such as energy, grains and roughages at inexpensive prices are no longer available, and also because adjustments to meat production lay in the horizon in relation to greenhouse gases emissions and associated climatic change. [...]

AGA in Action

FAO and private sector talk about livestock issues
Leveraging the many positive contributions delivered by the livestock sector while at same time minimizing the challenges encountered requires collaboration between FAO and the private sector through an open and transparent interaction grounded on a solid corporate strategy. [...]

Vet2011: FAO vets contribute to animal and public health

Next year, 2011, will mark the 250th anniversary of veterinary education and profession. Throughout the year national and international veterinary institutions will be promoting the birth of the veterinary profession. [...]






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