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May 4, 2012

Foot-and-Mouth Disease, which affects most cloven-hoofed mammals, has devastating effects on meat and milk production.

Foot-and-mouth disease reported in Gaza Strip

Controlling animal movements key to stopping further spread in the region as vaccines remain in short supply
The detection in the Gaza Strip of a new case of a novel strain of foot-and-mouth disease underscores the importance of maintaining - and intensifying - international efforts to stop the virus from spreading further in the Middle East and North Africa.With vaccines against the SAT2 virus still in short supply, the priority at the moment is to limit animal movements to prevent its further spread. Heightened surveillance of animal populations to quickly detect and respond to new outbreaks is also critical. [...]

coverConcerted Efforts to Enhancing Dairy Goat Productivity in Asia First Asia Dairy Goat Conference held and decision to form an Asia Dairy Goat Network taken. Over 90% of the 921 million goats in the world are found in developing countries and Asia has the highest proportion of about 60% of the world goat population. [...]
coverGuidelines: Phenotypic characterization of animal genetic resources Sustaining livestock diversity. A new e-learning tool has been designed to inform the general public about the importance of livestock and sustaining their genetic diversity. It is the product of a ongoing annual collaboration between FAO and the students of Iowa State University in the United States of America. Download the e-learning module on your workstation before using it. [...]
Livestock, life and livelihoods among women and men in East Africa
7-10 May > Brasilia, Brazil
Workshop for the Focus Area “Restoring value to grasslands”
21-25 May> FAO HQ, Rome
Committee on Agriculture - 23rd Session
4-6 June > Paris, France
World Meat Congress

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