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September 28, 2012

Photo: Child being licked on hand by dog. ©FAO/Dian Marteen

FOn World Rabies Day, FAO highlights successful model in battle against rabies

It is believed the rabies virus first arrived on the island of Bali in 2008, with an infected dog via a fisherman’s boat from one of the neighbouring islands where rabies is endemic. In late November 2008, Bali confirmed its first human death from rabies, and until 2010, the number of cases continued to rise steadily, reaching a peak that year of 11 deaths in one month. To date, more than 140 people have died. [...]

Training on lab good practices  © FAO/Charles BebayEmerging Infectious Diseases (EIDs) – the lurking threat to livestock development and food security. Early detection of pathogens circulating and/or emerging in animal populations is a public and animal health priority. The USAID-funded Identify project helps FAO to build laboratories’ capacity for early detection and diagnosis of diseases, enabling rapid response to emerging issues. [...]
coverLessons learned from the eradication of rinderpest for controlling other transboundary animal diseases Feeding livestock with biofuel co-products. A recently published FAO document addresses the other side of the coin – bringing back by-products of the biofuel production into the generation of high-value human food by using them as livestock feed. [...]
cover Conducting national feed assessments
  From decentralized offices
FAO Reference Centres for Animal Health
The FAO’s Animal Health Service is designating institutions as FAO Reference Centres according to revised corporate policy. FAO plans to designate about 50 Reference Centres in the field of animal health. [...]
Video: A glass of Asian milk for every Asian child
19-30 September > Manikganj, Bangladesh
Wildlife Investigation, Livestock and Public Health in Bangladesh
28 September
World Rabies Day
3 October > Brussels, Belgium
The Economics of Animal Health: A Price Worth Paying
4-5 October > Pirbright, UK
84 Executive Committee of the Eufmd
4-5 October > FAO HQ, Rome
Annual FAO/IFIF meeting
12 October
World Egg Day

7th ITWG: documents
Vaccines boosting defenses against deadly livestock disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
FAO: higher risk of Rift Valley Fever with heavy rainy season ahead

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