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February 25, 2013

Specific conditions distinguish normal, age-appropriate tasks from child labour ©FAO/P.Epkei

Tackling child labour in the livestock sector

FAO study: Families need support to reduce harmful or hazardous work
Child labour in the livestock sector is widespread and largely ignored, according to FAO, which has released the first global study on child labour issues related to livestock. Agriculture accounts for most of the reported child labour in the world, and livestock accounts for some 40 percent of the agricultural economy [...]

  In action
human-animal-ecosystem interfaceTripartite partnership of FAO, WHO, and OIE highlights the importance for strengthened work at the human-animal-ecosystem interface
Health threats at the human–animal–ecosystem interface have increased over the past decades, as pathogens continue to evolve and adapt to new hosts and environments, imposing a burden on human and animal health systems. The increase in health threats to humans and animals is driven by multiple, inter-related global factors generally related to human behavior and environmental changes and also reflects the complexities of the ecosystems in which humans and animals coexist. Because reducing these risks cannot be achieved by one sector alone, there is increasing convergence toward a One Health approach that incorporates a collaborative, cross-sectoral, multidisciplinary mode of addressing these threats and reducing health risks. [...]

FAO diversification booklets:

No. 3: Products and profit from poultry

No. 14: Small animals for small farms

No. 15: Pigs for prosperity

No. 19: Hire services by farmers for farmers

coverRegulatory frameworks for control of HPAI and other TADs

26-27 February > Rome, Italy - FAO HQ
Rinderpest FAO/OIE Joint Advisory Committee 3rd meeting
8-12 March > Hangzhou, China
5th Annual World Congress of Vaccine
13-15 March > Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
9th International Symposium on Antimicrobial Agents and Resistance

Shaping One Health: Towards integrated animal health-food safety surveillance in East Africa
An update on the emerging novel coronavirus

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