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March 19, 2013

Traders at the livestock market in Garissa, Kenya ©FAO/Thomas Hug

Cell phones revolutionizing Kenya’s livestock sector

Mobile phones send first alerts for livestock diseases, and Web access by cell phone means endless innovations are improving Kenya’s livestock industry by leaps and bounds

Farmers and veterinarians across Africa are increasingly using cell phones to issue alerts quickly about possible animal disease outbreaks at a very early stage and to track wide-scale vaccination campaigns. Mobile phone applications are making ‘early warning’ a matter of seconds instead of weeks for animal disease outbreaks, and essential veterinary care can be tracked with pinpoint accuracy and speed. [...]

From decentralized offices
Inputs for vegetable production and goat raising activities to ease the burden of Food and Livelihood Insecurity in Upper Egypt

virsuE-learning modules on bioinformatics in animal viral pathogens

virsuFAO inter-regional meeting paves the way for continued laboratory support in animal health
virsuFAO names first reference centre for animal influenza in Asia
HPAI China Highlights bulletin n. 48

coverGuía para la atención de focos y de situaciones de emergencias sanitarias de Fiebre Aftosa

1-3 April > Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Regional workshop to formulate strategy/ roadmap for PPR and small ruminant diseases control in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) neighboring countries
2-4 April > Baku, Azerbaijan
4th Westeurasia Roadmap
9 April > Sun City, South Africa
6th FAO/IFIF International Feed Regulator Meeting

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