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January 7, 2014

Family health has improved because of availability of milk and average incomes have quadrupled - ©FAO 

Women dairy farmers reinvest income to support their families

Thousands of Afghan farmers, mainly women, inked their thumbs to sign letters calling for the expansion of an FAO dairy project to include their villages and homes. When it began in 2005, the project focused on increasing milk production, but has gradually expanded to offer a total supply-chain approach that has increased family food security. The average annual income of participants rose from US$550 in 2005 to US$2 000 in 2010, and new employment opportunities were generated in Afghanistan’s dairy sector [...]

  in action
coverAnimal Genetic Resources – an international journal - No. 53

coverThe Joint FAO–OIE–WHO Global Early Warning System for health threats and emerging risks at the human–animal–ecosystems interface: A concept paper

©FAO/Munir Uz ZamanLessons Learned from Vaccination against Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza [...]
©FAO/Munir Uz ZamanAvian Influenza Hatchery Vaccination Assessing Added Value [...]
©FAOFAO internship gives biosciences student a global view [...]
  Did you know?
Seventy-percent of new diseases that have emerged in humans over recent decades are of animal origin. Juan Lubroth speaks about actions needed to control such diseases.
cover The genetic diversity of more than 8000 breeds of domesticated mammals and birds provides livestock keepers and breeders with food, fibres, power, fertilizer, fuel, savings, and much more.


15-17 January > Dakar, Senegal
Experts consultation for modeling livestock systems in African drylands
27-28 January > Atlanta, USA
7th International Feed Regulators Meeting

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