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The exotic double purpose breed Barred Plymouth Rock ....

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The exotic double purpose breed Barred Plymouth Rock has been clearly chosen to enhance egg production (Errath, 1985). Everything looks good, but it is a deceiving image. It is obvious the unit has been just established (soil is not yet barren). The luxuriant vegetation indicates that probably the scenery is from a wet tropical area. Not the best for an exotic and rather heavy breed. In few months it will be possible to judge about fitness of the birds to the ambient, mainly to its climatic and sanitary components. Sex ratio is wrong (1:3), thus much feed will be wasted to nourish not useful males. The fence is not forbidding climbing predators to enter and will be oxidised in a short time due to the wet climate. Moreover it represents a cost that could be easily avoided. The utilisation of wood should be better because abundant and cheap, as it is shown also by the use of wood poles. To evaluate the chances of success it is necessary to analyse marketing conditions to calculate if egg production can compensate the cost of birds, fence and feeding mash, which were very probably subsidised.